Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WSF Kentucky Comp- 1st away travel comp of year (Fire Opal Only)

Good Morning - 
Bright and Early here today, I want to quickly post what I created thus far for our recent comp in KY.

I LOVE travel comps for scrapping - I have so many more memories, pages I can create, and a TON of pics to choose from. (don't forget  those team facebook pages - everyone else takes more photos away, If you missed anything - someone else may have caught it).

First the cover tab.... this tab was created over summer while I was preparing for the season. The quote is a sticker from Bella Blvd Color Chaos kit sticker page.  I added that link, so you can see all the cool stickers that come on that one page.  I will be using these a lot more.

I added some additional ink splatters, washi tape, bakers twine, the date, and called it done.

The back (below left), you can see I covered the tab with another piece of cardstock so the twine wasn't showing or getting in the way.  I added the usual stuff, and included my hotel room key dinner receipt & the "512" was our dinner numbers one night.

anything goes!

The card is a pic from pinterest, I had an old journal card I covered up the message on the right with photo of the girls uniforms hanging in the closet. (one of my favorite pics from the weekend,  and Jenna and Sam have been friends forever! so it kinda makes it more special for me in an emotional pms kinds way :)

More pockets of pictures. The ones on the left are from Instagram, facebook, and a team photo.  We missed the photo (parking was a bear!) I added a speach bubble of Maddie commenting on Sammy not being there. I had a ton of candids this weekend, (look there we are ). I wanted a pocket page with lots of pics! I tried to keep them grouped together, one side is comp waiting area pics, the other is from a trip to wal mart, into town, dinner, etc.... OH! the top right, the photo is a bit blurry, so I kept it small, but it is a screen shot from video of the girls. (probly the easiest way to get a good jump pic on my iphone).  

Below is a layout (6x8 size) from our lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  (we collect pins here so you will see a layout from here from each city we can find a restaurant)  The background page is from a bag we received from our gift store purchase, and the business card is my title that also includes the location.  Sorry for the glare. See how easy this is?++

So I will have more to create from this trip to put on the back of the page above as well as actual pics of the girls competing and some twitter notes that I pulled up - I will post them when I finish.  

But remember yesterday and the photo I said I would come back to....check it out.. little Maddie doesnt like to sit very still does she?  hee hee.

Hopefully I will get to adding the remaining weekend pics soon!

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