Wednesday, December 16, 2015

WSF Kentucky Comp- 1st away travel comp of year (Fire Opal Only)

Good Morning - 
Bright and Early here today, I want to quickly post what I created thus far for our recent comp in KY.

I LOVE travel comps for scrapping - I have so many more memories, pages I can create, and a TON of pics to choose from. (don't forget  those team facebook pages - everyone else takes more photos away, If you missed anything - someone else may have caught it).

First the cover tab.... this tab was created over summer while I was preparing for the season. The quote is a sticker from Bella Blvd Color Chaos kit sticker page.  I added that link, so you can see all the cool stickers that come on that one page.  I will be using these a lot more.

I added some additional ink splatters, washi tape, bakers twine, the date, and called it done.

The back (below left), you can see I covered the tab with another piece of cardstock so the twine wasn't showing or getting in the way.  I added the usual stuff, and included my hotel room key dinner receipt & the "512" was our dinner numbers one night.

anything goes!

The card is a pic from pinterest, I had an old journal card I covered up the message on the right with photo of the girls uniforms hanging in the closet. (one of my favorite pics from the weekend,  and Jenna and Sam have been friends forever! so it kinda makes it more special for me in an emotional pms kinds way :)

More pockets of pictures. The ones on the left are from Instagram, facebook, and a team photo.  We missed the photo (parking was a bear!) I added a speach bubble of Maddie commenting on Sammy not being there. I had a ton of candids this weekend, (look there we are ). I wanted a pocket page with lots of pics! I tried to keep them grouped together, one side is comp waiting area pics, the other is from a trip to wal mart, into town, dinner, etc.... OH! the top right, the photo is a bit blurry, so I kept it small, but it is a screen shot from video of the girls. (probly the easiest way to get a good jump pic on my iphone).  

Below is a layout (6x8 size) from our lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.  (we collect pins here so you will see a layout from here from each city we can find a restaurant)  The background page is from a bag we received from our gift store purchase, and the business card is my title that also includes the location.  Sorry for the glare. See how easy this is?++

So I will have more to create from this trip to put on the back of the page above as well as actual pics of the girls competing and some twitter notes that I pulled up - I will post them when I finish.  

But remember yesterday and the photo I said I would come back to....check it out.. little Maddie doesnt like to sit very still does she?  hee hee.

Hopefully I will get to adding the remaining weekend pics soon!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Comp Post -WSF Pittsburgh

Continuing forward with more comp pages...

The Onyx book has a quote I cut from vinyl and stuck it on glitter paper. this cut is in the silhouette online store.  

But you do not need special tools to decorate the pages - the Fire Opal tab one was created one night at Tina's with letter stickers. :)  

Most of my quotes I pull from pinterest when I need one, there is so much inspiration out there!  I dated the tabs -done.

On the back is my memoriabilia from the comp, my wristband, schedule, photo of the comp logo,  qr code, and journaling of the event. It was a rough one, Sam was in hospital he day before, she really didnt want to go, it was a long day.

I love adding team photos when they take them.  You really get to learn the girls, watch them grow, and catch a few personality glimpses.... (hold this thought, I will come back to it again in next post, tomorrow)

Here is the back of the previous page, Just because the space is created for a 4x6, you can add any combo or collage of pics you like. (the Fire Opal card on the right bottom) is all the lyrics from the song written out. (thanks Nicole).

Last few pages are from Onyx book.  the top left card was just stickers from a kit and scraps.

The hero saying below was taken from Pinterest. and thought was kind fitting as she sucked it up and competed.

This top card I created using my minc foil tool.  It is a cool holographic foil on black starry paper.

That's it for these pages.  

Tomorrow I will post WSF kentucky, and hope you gather some inspiration.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Comp pages - jamfest!

Good Morning - 
I told ya I would continue where I left off - and I wanted to get this published before I work the game tonight - maybe I need some pics from there - it is all part of the story.... hmm.

Jamfest and pretty much my process for all comps for this year... I kept things simple and pretty much duplicate the outline it for both books, but subtle changes for each... take a look.


Left is the Onyx tab and the right is the fire opal tab.  both are created from kraft paper and I have a tab punch and I glued the tab too it.  I could have cut it all from silhouette if you want there are plenty of tabbed pages on silhouette store, or one can be designed easily in studio.  I have the punch, so I just used it. I thin I also have Tim Holt's tab dividers for use in a die cut machine... yeah I have too much stuff!

Anyway, i decorate the front of the dividers with paper, cut files, wash tape, paint, stickers, whatever I feel like that day. The "what if I fly" cut file made by Jenny Highsmith and sold in the Silhouette store. The 1-8 could be from Just Jaimee or I made this - I will have to look.  the tag in front of the 1 was from the MPM kits and I gold foiled it using the minc.  (new toy I love! I have been a foiling fool and hope to have some new "gems" for you once I get some orange foil in).

Each tab is dated with an old date stamp from office store. I used to have a Project Life one I got in my original PL kit off Amazon, but I think I lost it somewhere - the point is that these are sold everywhere too. Each one of my dividers will have a different saying or quote as the year progresses.  Some are cut files from Silhouette store, some are hand made, some are designs I create and cut, minc, print or sticker.  I have tons of quotes pinned on pinterest that I pull inspiration from.

Here is a pic of the back of these dividers..

here is where I can start keeping the bits and pieces of the "stuff" we collect. I printed a mini if the schedule that someone shared with us, the parking pass, a journal card I printed from the MPM kits I printed and actually wrote on (orange ink for Fire Opal and black ink for Onyx... why not?)  You can see there is a QR code in there and a tag I added that lists the dates, and place we took.  These tags were just too cute I got them from kerri Bradford Studios, and I made a ton of them for the season. 

The Journal cards: FO; cut out the word "amazing", added letters "SO" and just cut out scrap paper from a halloween paper tablet that I got at Target. (Love the halloween season for scrapping this year - worked out so well). Photos are from comp and fill both sides of the pockets.  I try to get at least one close up of Sam and or w/ friends at each comp.  The Onyx JC is from a MPM monthly kit.  (are you starting to get a sense of how simple this is? got a pocket, find a pic or journal card to fill it :0)

the following photos are the remaining pages from the comp...

Just some notes... 
  •  FO: the quote i pulled from pinterest, and printed and cut into 3x4 size.  
  • The SN@P! pockets come in so many different pocket designs, just pull out a fun one and begin creating! 
  • and if you get bored of creating random sized pocket squares, then print a photo that fills the entire size and place it in the pockets in a "puzzle" style.
  • Onyx I just added stickers to a 4x6 paper that i liked for the "filler" pocket. you can add all photos too, it's tottaly up to you. 
  • hint: Watch the facebook parent pages - lots of pics posted by everyone there! Plus I have a ton for you too! 
  • Don't forget other social media, tweets, Instagram, etc... they all have things I pull from when I need to fill a pocket. (the one of Sam and her dad is a post from Instagram)
  • (you can see the front of my next comp tab on the right side of the pages 
    • FO-this is all done with letter stickers by the way & i hope to use more "fire" quotes through-out the book)
    • ONYX -this was done with a quote from Silhouette store and some craft vinyl.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Good morning - the books beginnings.

Jeannie - 
This is for you dear, across the (not-so-many) miles I can now walk you through this seasons cheer book that I am doing, and hopefully you can get some inspiration, how to's, or whatever.  I just thought this was a cool place for us to share ideas. And since I don't always see you at the gym, were can share what we are creating here.  yay!

Both of my books are made by Simple Stories, and are part of their SN@P! series. Sam is on Fire Opal & Onyx so I have 2 (orange & black).  I still haven't seen a purple one for Tanzanites, but we can always decorate over a black spine or cover to bring in purple... just a thought. I like the smaller size of these books and the pocket pages really help  me to scrap faster. below are links to last year's book, so you inda get my game plan.... I wanted to do something similar this year b/c it is fast & simple, and SN@P! book were readily available plus I love the colors...

Post 1 of 3
Post 2 of 3
Post 3 of 3

COVERS: Starting with Fire opal, I used Dylusion, orange and yellow spray inks on paper to get a marbled effect of color, then cut the text out on my Silhouette. I think I sent you a set of these, I just glued them on.  I like Scotch quick dry craft glue personally, no other reason than I am inpatient...:)

for the Onyx title I used letter from Bella Gypsy brand.  I will have to come back and edit if there is a specific kit name.  They are a clear plastic letter.  the same Scotch glue drys clear, so that is what I used to add to the cover.  OH and a strip of washi tape that I got at Michaels in a silver shimmer. (I bet they have purple glitter too, just a thought?).

OK, starting on the inside, and I just realized this post may be the longest, just getting caught up, maybe I can break it up into posts...

SCHEDULE:  Simple (as long as the schedule doesn't change... :)) This is my first page right now, because I look at it a lot.... I covered part of one of the decorated paper backgrounds that came with the book,with a schedule. (I just typed up and printed a copy, I may have saved this, if you need one to match fire opal's - let me know). I decorated my page a little with washi tape , but feel free to do whatever you like.Right now it is in front of my book, but I may move to the comps section when I am done...
I guess that brings op the next thing... The SN@P! books come with three heavy cardboard tabs.  I used mine to separate the year (PRESEASON, COMPS, and hopefully DISNEY or MISC (if we don't go) at the end....

I have a full basket of letters in all shapes, colors & sizes.  I grab them when they are on sale or clearance at craft stores, Wal mart & Target. If they have glitter already - BONUS!  the giant Onyx was from WM.  In the poster section. seriously you can find cheap letter s everywhere - even Lowes!  If you see something you like grab it, or if we can ever get together, I have a stash I can share. The gem was also created like the fire opal title with the inks and then I cut out a gem I got from the silhouette store (here).  

These pages can just be decorated however - I have no rhyme or reason, just whatever I was feeling at the time.  And even if there is a page I am not crazy about after it's done, no worries, it's done!.

I explained i love the pockets because they are so simple.  I can print a pic or a filler* or journal card** and decorate it od not, and just slip it into the pocket.  If i dont have all pockets filled I can add a pretty filler, or leave blank and have room to add stuff as the season progresses.  makes life less stressful for me....

I still need to add snapshots from Sammy's phone or from the pre-season swim parties, etc.... but below are my pages from the parent performance..

Fire Opal - pics are from Parent day. I personall print at home and use photoshop so I can print at 4x6 or 3x4 sizes.  but most print places print at these sizes too.  the card on top right I also create in Photoshop (because I hate my handwriting).  This can easily be created on a cut piece of paper.    The QR code is one of my favorite tools to add performances on the pages.  You can create them by googling a QR generator, attaching it to a link to (facebook, you tube, etc...).  download the QR black & white thingy... and then print and add to the book.  You can scan it with a reader  app on your phone and always have access to that days' performances...:) cool!
Page to the right is my Onyx preseason parent pages... we took a team photo that day, I just added stickers to it.  Sammy's pic is a 4x4, and you cant really see it b/c of the pages behind it, but there is a clear tag next to her pic, just to add some fun to the book.  I got this in a kit from somewhere??  I still have the QR code for this performance too, I just added it to a different journal card, that I also printed and typed on in Photoshop that I purchased from web.

* & ** A note about Filler cards & Journal cards! Pocket scrapbooking is everywhere! I have stashes and stashes of stuff both in physical kits & digital kits. (it's embarassing actually).   The web is a great place to get quality journal cards and filler cards for free and/or less expensive then the physical counterpart.  However, you then have to print these at home or through a printing service. - so it's a catch 22.(not sure why I said that - where did that phrase even come from?)

Great places I purchase from because I know the quality will be perfect is is The-Lilypad  Scraporchard, Sweetshoppe Designs, The Digital Press, and I can keep on going.  I personally subscribe to Memory Pockets Monthly kits at The-Lilypad.  it's only $8.99 a month and I get tons of great product I use for my books and scrapping. I think the Nov calendar above came from there.  Just a word to the wise, you can get lost looking at this stuff online and most stores update their stash weekly with weekly sales.  I got sucked in a while back, but I am not complaigning :) I enjoy the creativity part of it - Dan golfs, I craft.  I have a keepsake of a portion of my kid's lives.

Hope this helps, I will come back tomorrow with a post on the first comp and what I am doing for dividers for each comp.