Sunday, December 6, 2015

Comp pages - jamfest!

Good Morning - 
I told ya I would continue where I left off - and I wanted to get this published before I work the game tonight - maybe I need some pics from there - it is all part of the story.... hmm.

Jamfest and pretty much my process for all comps for this year... I kept things simple and pretty much duplicate the outline it for both books, but subtle changes for each... take a look.


Left is the Onyx tab and the right is the fire opal tab.  both are created from kraft paper and I have a tab punch and I glued the tab too it.  I could have cut it all from silhouette if you want there are plenty of tabbed pages on silhouette store, or one can be designed easily in studio.  I have the punch, so I just used it. I thin I also have Tim Holt's tab dividers for use in a die cut machine... yeah I have too much stuff!

Anyway, i decorate the front of the dividers with paper, cut files, wash tape, paint, stickers, whatever I feel like that day. The "what if I fly" cut file made by Jenny Highsmith and sold in the Silhouette store. The 1-8 could be from Just Jaimee or I made this - I will have to look.  the tag in front of the 1 was from the MPM kits and I gold foiled it using the minc.  (new toy I love! I have been a foiling fool and hope to have some new "gems" for you once I get some orange foil in).

Each tab is dated with an old date stamp from office store. I used to have a Project Life one I got in my original PL kit off Amazon, but I think I lost it somewhere - the point is that these are sold everywhere too. Each one of my dividers will have a different saying or quote as the year progresses.  Some are cut files from Silhouette store, some are hand made, some are designs I create and cut, minc, print or sticker.  I have tons of quotes pinned on pinterest that I pull inspiration from.

Here is a pic of the back of these dividers..

here is where I can start keeping the bits and pieces of the "stuff" we collect. I printed a mini if the schedule that someone shared with us, the parking pass, a journal card I printed from the MPM kits I printed and actually wrote on (orange ink for Fire Opal and black ink for Onyx... why not?)  You can see there is a QR code in there and a tag I added that lists the dates, and place we took.  These tags were just too cute I got them from kerri Bradford Studios, and I made a ton of them for the season. 

The Journal cards: FO; cut out the word "amazing", added letters "SO" and just cut out scrap paper from a halloween paper tablet that I got at Target. (Love the halloween season for scrapping this year - worked out so well). Photos are from comp and fill both sides of the pockets.  I try to get at least one close up of Sam and or w/ friends at each comp.  The Onyx JC is from a MPM monthly kit.  (are you starting to get a sense of how simple this is? got a pocket, find a pic or journal card to fill it :0)

the following photos are the remaining pages from the comp...

Just some notes... 
  •  FO: the quote i pulled from pinterest, and printed and cut into 3x4 size.  
  • The SN@P! pockets come in so many different pocket designs, just pull out a fun one and begin creating! 
  • and if you get bored of creating random sized pocket squares, then print a photo that fills the entire size and place it in the pockets in a "puzzle" style.
  • Onyx I just added stickers to a 4x6 paper that i liked for the "filler" pocket. you can add all photos too, it's tottaly up to you. 
  • hint: Watch the facebook parent pages - lots of pics posted by everyone there! Plus I have a ton for you too! 
  • Don't forget other social media, tweets, Instagram, etc... they all have things I pull from when I need to fill a pocket. (the one of Sam and her dad is a post from Instagram)
  • (you can see the front of my next comp tab on the right side of the pages 
    • FO-this is all done with letter stickers by the way & i hope to use more "fire" quotes through-out the book)
    • ONYX -this was done with a quote from Silhouette store and some craft vinyl.

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