Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Comp Post -WSF Pittsburgh

Continuing forward with more comp pages...

The Onyx book has a quote I cut from vinyl and stuck it on glitter paper. this cut is in the silhouette online store.  

But you do not need special tools to decorate the pages - the Fire Opal tab one was created one night at Tina's with letter stickers. :)  

Most of my quotes I pull from pinterest when I need one, there is so much inspiration out there!  I dated the tabs -done.

On the back is my memoriabilia from the comp, my wristband, schedule, photo of the comp logo,  qr code, and journaling of the event. It was a rough one, Sam was in hospital he day before, she really didnt want to go, it was a long day.

I love adding team photos when they take them.  You really get to learn the girls, watch them grow, and catch a few personality glimpses.... (hold this thought, I will come back to it again in next post, tomorrow)

Here is the back of the previous page, Just because the space is created for a 4x6, you can add any combo or collage of pics you like. (the Fire Opal card on the right bottom) is all the lyrics from the song written out. (thanks Nicole).

Last few pages are from Onyx book.  the top left card was just stickers from a kit and scraps.

The hero saying below was taken from Pinterest. and thought was kind fitting as she sucked it up and competed.

This top card I created using my minc foil tool.  It is a cool holographic foil on black starry paper.

That's it for these pages.  

Tomorrow I will post WSF kentucky, and hope you gather some inspiration.

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